The jaw is located on the lower part of the face. For years, it has not been taken into account as a part of the human body that can change people’s daily lives. It is made up of three parts, the body and the branches, which come up from the back of the body to articulate with the temporal bone of the skull in what is called the temporomandibular joint or TMJ.

Its correct position is essential for the development of a normal life and for the proper growth of all teeth. The correct or incorrect bite will depend on its correct development and state, affecting the ability to chew, swallow, speak, and even breathe.

That is why today we want to show you a professional case of the Aitziber Yagüe Cortazar clinic, in which it has been possible to correct the position of the jaw with a treatment with a mandibular advancement device, improving the position of the jaw, mouth breathing, and a case of sleep apnea in the patient, in this case a girl. The case has been coordinated by our orthodontist, Dr. Valentina Cogorno Wasylkowsky.

1. As you can see in this first image, tooth growth is not developing properly.

2. The second image shows how the treatment is already having positive effects on the patient.

3. In the final phase of treatment change and improvement are evident.