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Maxillofacial surgery is the surgical specialty that includes the diagnosis, surgery and related treatments of a wide spectrum of diseases, wounds and aesthetic aspects of the mouth, teeth, face, head and neck.
Clínica Dental y Maxilofacial Aitziber Yagüe Cortázar Soria

Doctor César Colmenero

More than 15 years of clinical practice, It is No. 1 Via MIR in Maxillofacial Surgery and No. 1 Via MIR in Otorrino.
Recently, he has been recognized in the Doctoralia Awards as the most valued maxillofacial surgeon in Spain.

At first, we can think that this problem can be solved by a dentist , or in a dental clinic , since they can also intervene in the jaw area these specialists.

The maxillofacial surgeon is prepared to do, from a complicated extraction of wisdom teeth , to perform a complicated facial surgery , or even treat benign tumors and / or malignant , which another specialist may not detect. With this type of surgery, a duly accredited clinic can solve or minimize all mouth, face and neck problems .

Undergoing surgery usually produces a bit of rejection and perhaps even fear, but with sedation and minimally invasive methods, you can be more than calm. In addition, this method of minimally invasive surgery will allow you not to have to ask yourself Will I have scars after the operation? , since it makes the incisions smaller and smaller, and therefore also the scars

From the most serious problems, to whether to improve any aesthetic detail, with which you are not happy, has a solution. If you have lost a tooth , don't worry, you will regain your chewing function and your smile , thanks to dental implantology .
Cesar Colmenero Cirugía Maxilofacial
Many of the consultations that are made for the treatment of facial trauma are due to traffic accidents . So if you've had an accident , maxillofacial surgery is your solution.

If you want to improve your appearance , because you have a birth defect, do not hesitate to consult a maxillofacial surgeon. Don't be made to think that cosmetic surgery is superficial, and regain your confidence! If you want to change your nose, improve the shape of your jaw, or correct the position of your eyes , maxillofacial surgery will allow you to fall in love again with that part of your face, with which you did not get along well. You will be able to end once and for all with the pain of the face, which is usually caused by the jaw, and its deformations.

Maxillofacial surgery is not only for adults , since it can also treat children with alterations in the shape of the skull, for example.

Only about 25 maxillofacial surgeons are trained annually in Spain, and in our dental and maxillofacial clinic, Aitziber Yagüe Cortázar , we have the collaboration of one of them, the Doctor César Colmenero.
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