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Dental implants are, in most cases, the best option to replace missing teeth. At Aitziber Yagüe Cortázar Dental Clinic, we use the most advanced surgical techniques in dental implantology in Soria to guarantee optimal results.

Clínica Dental y Maxilofacial Aitziber Yagüe Cortázar Soria

Tailored to each patient

We know that losing teeth is something that affects people on an aesthetic level, but it also reduces the quality of life. For this reason, we consider it highly important to offer our clients an adequate dental implantology treatment that solves this situation without forgetting the need to minimize any type of related discomfort that may derive from it.

We are specialists in 3D digital guided surgery. This technique allows us to place dental implants in the exact position where we want them, which contributes to increasing the safety of treatment and reducing patient morbidity. In other words, thanks to this technology, we minimize the discomfort that the patient may feel.

In most cases, this technique allows us to perform interventions with hardly any cuts to the gum. Usually, we are not even faced with the need to give points. All these benefits translate into a most comfortable and painless postoperative for the patient. Especially, compared to classic treatments, in which it is common to spend several days with aches and pains that make it difficult to resume the routine.

Low bone dental implants
In those patients who do not have sufficient bone width and / or height for implant placement, we use state-of-the-art techniques of guided bone regeneration to restore their anatomy and power, therefore, perform the intervention without impediments or difficulties that we would find using other antiquated methods .

At Aitzieber Yagüe Cortázar Dental Clinic, we are committed to cutting-edge treatments in dental implants in Soria to guarantee the client maximum well-being.
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