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digital smile

Thanks to our exocad design software, we can digitally plan and recreate the treatments that our patients are going to undergo, making them participate in the design and aesthetic tests to find the best functional and very natural aesthetic results.
Clínica Dental y Maxilofacial Aitziber Yagüe Cortázar Soria

Diseña tu sonrisa

Each digital smile design is personalized for each patient according to the functional needs of their mouth and their aesthetic desires.

Therefore, this technology allows to create a healthy and aesthetic smile that reflects the personality of each patient, improves the experience and the results.

But in addition to this, it has the following advantages:

The diagnosis is accurate through an aesthetic and structural evaluation of both the mouth and the facial features.
Communication between the dental team and the patient provides greater understanding and leads to better results.
Make patients co-designers of their own smile.
Increases the self-esteem and confidence of patients in themselves as they will be bearers of the smile they want.
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