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It is the dental specialty that studies, prevents and corrects alterations in the position of the jaws, in order to restore the morphological and functional balance of the mouth and the face, also improving facial aesthetics.
Clínica Dental y Maxilofacial Aitziber Yagüe Cortázar Soria

Valentina Cogorno Wasylkosky

Degree in dentistry from the Central University of Venezuela
Master of Excellence in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from the Mississippi University Institution in Madrid.
Certified in Incognito Tongue Orthodontics, Invisaling, Conventional Orthodontics and Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery

Standard orthodontics

It is the most common and popular option. They are the well-known metal brackets that are fixed to the tooth with a special glue and joined together by wires and rubber bands. The continuous adjustments of the orthodontist make some teeth, leaning on others, rotate their position until the desired alignment is achieved. There are multiple options:

—Metal braces
—Incognito braces that are placed lingually
—Braquets designed and personalized for each tooth of our patients.


Invisaling orthodontics is the latest trend in dental appliances and the most discreet form of cosmetic orthodontics. Through transparent covers that provide the patient with greater aesthetics and comfort during treatment. We obtain a three-dimensional image by digitizing the arches with a Itere 3d scanner. Invisaling performs a virtual sequence of the entire prescribed treatment plan by the orthodontist

Sapphire Braces

This type of orthodontics is similar to standard orthodontics, except that the brackets are made of sapphire, which makes them much more concealed when placed on the tooth, they are a form of aesthetic orthodontics. The operation is exactly the same: brackets, wires, rubber bands and adjustments every 3 or 4 weeks. With sapphire brackets, a better sliding of the teeth is also achieved, so the treatment lasts less.

Zirconium, Porcelain and Mycenium composite

It is a dental treatment to improve the smile quickly and effectively. It is the least invasive system, and in many cases the solution can even be found in a single session. Composite or “composite resin” veneers correct bad positions, size, tooth shape or color ... In a simple way you have a new smile.
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