What did we talk about in the interview? Next, we are going to review the most relevant questions from Cadena Ser Soria to our team:


– Chema Díez: Why was the decision made to bet on digital in dentistry?

– Aitziber Yagüe Cortazar: In the age in which we find ourselves, we can say that digital dentistry is here to stay. Today there are new treatments that offer better results for patients and are more accurate and predictable; This represents a challenge for the work team that goes hand in hand with the ability to excel and the desire to continue innovating in a totally digitized era.


– CH.D .: How does the incorporation of new technologies affect the clinic?

– AY: New technologies and the effort and passion of the work team have helped us achieve goals that we thought were impossible, such as being pioneers in digital scanning in Soria, carrying out work with a CT … all this based on the search for innovation together with that touch of humanity that characterizes us and distinguishes us from other clinics. A new dental scenario has been created with new protocols adapted to digital software, so that patients and workers can know a priori the fruits of our work in the future.

– CH.D .: What are the differences between digital and classic orthodontics?

– A.Y .: Digital orthodontics is much more efficient. It allows to create simulations of treatments that have been carried out on patients, being able to know the before and after.

It should also be noted that it eliminates the use of alginates and silicones (something quite annoying) and even generates greater confidence in the patient.

We have created: individualized brackets for each patient’s tooth, transparent aligners, personalized splints, interceptive orthodontics …


– CH.D .: Should technological investment go hand in hand with training?

– A.Y .: To do things well you need prior knowledge, and technology goes hand in hand with knowledge. The philosophy of the clinic is that the necessary investment will always be linked to the limits that you set yourself in life. That is why we appreciate so much the team of professionals that we have; who put all their interest in the work done in addition to constantly attending training courses.

In this way, great confidence is generated in professional practice.