As you may already know, our clinic has made the leap to digital dentistry. Thanks to our iTero intraoral digital scanner, we scan patients’ mouths and obtain authentic replicas of the teeth to achieve the restorations that patients need.

Through the exocad DentalCAD software, the image is processed, which is sent to our digital laboratory where they manage to provide us with the exact parts that our patients’ mouths need.

Do you want to see how, exactly, a tooth is recovered and restored in our clinic?

Today we show you a case in which we have a replica of a crown, which adapts perfectly in the final step of the treatment process.

How does digital dentistry work?

Today we show you this clinical case so you can discover it:

In images 1 and 2, the initial part of the treatment is observed.

In the image that you see below, you can see the crown designed through the exocad DentalCAD software, exact to the piece lost by the patient, since it is a scanner capable of detecting and measuring all the spaces that we have in our mouth. It is a minimally invasive inlay, which ensures that the patient does not lose tooth structure.

In images 3 and 4, you can see the photographs in which the patient has already restored his tooth.